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Teen Gynecological Information

Your first gynecological visit is an important step in your journey to becoming a woman. It’s your opportunity to openly discuss issues or concerns with a skilled practitioner who can provide you with education, guidance and options.
It’s completely natural to feel a little nervous about your first gynecological visit, but knowing what to expect can be a big help in easing that apprehension. We want teens to establish a relationship with a gynecologist for their future reproductive healthcare. This lets the gynecologist address issues that may not be addressed by a teen’s primary care provider and helps ensure that a young woman knows where to turn for information and care relating to pelvic pain, irregular periods, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception and other issues. We’re here to make your first visit with us as comfortable as possible – our friendly, competent staff will guide you every step of the way.

What To Expect During Your Visit

On Arrival

When you arrive in our office, walk to the Front Desk where a member of our courteous receptionists will greet you and help check you in. She will ask you for the forms you downloaded and completed; your photo ID, your insurance card and may ask you to complete additional paperwork related to your visit if required. After the receptionist finishes checking you in, you will be asked to have a seat in our comfortable and spacious waiting room.

When We Call Your Name

When we call you in for your visit, a member of our friendly medical assistants will bring you to our triage area located within our suite. Our medical assistant will take your vitals including your blood pressure, height and weight. When completed, she will walk you to an examination room.

In the Exam Room

In the exam room, depending on the type of visit our medical assistant may ask you to change privately out of your clothes and undergarments into a smock. The medical assistant will ask you questions related to your health and your family’s health. If you’re uncomfortable answering any questions, ask to speak with your practitioner about your concerns. Your practitioner will be happy to explain a question or why the information is important. The medical assistant may also ask you for a urine sample and get a small drop of blood from your fingertip to test your hemoglobin (which is an indicator for anemia).

Before your practitioner starts your exam, he or she will talk with you about your health and address any concerns or questions you may have. You will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout your visit, but it’s best to let your practitioner know what your concerns are at the beginning of your visit so he or she can tailor the visit to best meet your needs and expectations. Don’t be embarrassed to speak openly with your practitioner. He or she is there to answer all your questions and to ease any concerns you may have. Being open and honest will help your practitioner address your health appropriately.

Your physical exam will begin when you’re ready and may include a breast exam and pelvic exam. The components of your exam will depend on your individual circumstances and health needs. Your practitioner will talk with you through your exam and at any time you can ask questions. Again, don’t be embarrassed to speak openly with your practitioner. Most young women experience no or only mild discomfort with their first pelvic exam. Our goal is to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Once your exam is over, the practitioner will conclude the visit and make sure that all of your questions have been answered. After dressing back into your clothes, walk to our Front Desk where our receptionist will check you out completing your first gynecological visit.

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