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“Everyone that we encountered at Brunswick Hills was wonderful to deal with. The practice is extremely professional, knowledgeable and the rapport that they establish with their patients is unmatched.”—M.C., New Jersey

“Brunswick Hills empowers women to be actively informed about their gynecological health.”—J.F., New Jersey

“I love this practice. I’ve had complications in both my pregnancies and they have gone above and beyond to make sure all questions and concerns were answered.” –A.F., New Jersey

“Dear Dr. Beim,
On 11/8/16, you delivered a 10lb 7oz baby boy in the operating room at St. Peters. While this was probably a routine evening for you, it was quite memorable for my wife Rachel and I. I’ll never forget you saying, “Rachel, your baby is stuck”. I’ll also never forget how calm you were during those seconds/minutes when, as it seemed, our baby’s life was literally in your hands. We’ll probably never know exactly what happened if you hadn’t been so great that night, but we do know how scared we were and how lucky we are that you were with us that night. You deserve to know that you’ll be a huge part of an incredible memory for the rest of our lives. We are grateful for this “routine” work you do. Our baby B.M.G., is a testament to your work.”—D.G. + R.G., New Jersey

“I have to give Dr. Cherot a lot of credit. She really spends a lot of time with the patient and answers all questions in a very detailed** and reassuring manner. Her presence is just very calming.”—K.F., New Jersey

“Amazing, top notch!”—S.C., New Jersey

“I’ve been a patient here since 2009. I have watched this practice expand and grow and advance itself for the better. You learn very quickly that you will wait a long time for an appointment, but you realize why after you experience the bedside manner of the doctors. I can’t speak for experiences with every doctor in the practice, but Dr. Johnson is simply one of the profession’s best.

If you want a doctor who is compassionate and understanding and very good at what she does, this is the doctor to see. I went from being petrified of trips to the ob-gyn to feeling uplifted and motivated after visits with her. Hard to believe, right? It’s true. I always leave feeling better than I did when I walked in. I give Dr. Johnson a lot of credit-its a lot harder than it looks to keep your cool and keep patients at ease while working on them during procedures. She does this with ease, and if she’s having a bad day, you don’t know it.

I have had limited, but still very good, experiences with Drs. Fisher and Cernadas as well.

I prefer this location over Hillsborough, although I think Hillsborough is a bit more efficient and organized when it comes to answering the phones, checking patients in and out, and calling patients in to be seen. East Brunswick is modern and although you’re on the lower level, you don’t feel like you are.

Spacious waiting room, including a coffee/tea area (one of the nice enhancements over the years). Lab and ultrasound on site. Well thought out design of the facility, I think it works well.

Nurses are good. The technician who was administering ultrasounds today, 12/4/15, was phenomenal. She made a transvaginal ultrasound a piece of cake for me.

The practice also has a tv, wifi, and the patient portal for you to log into at home.

The only cons are the wait time for annual visits (calling ahead 3 months is the norm!), the procedure for speaking with a nurse (this usually results in a tag team game of the nurse and I leaving each other messages – when you call, you are directed to a nurse’s mailbox), and the waits you sometimes experience when waiting for your appointment.

This is a practice I trust with my ob-gyn care.” — E.D., New York

“This practice was recommended to me by a nurse friend out in California.  She said it was the best in town.  Trusting her judgement after trying out several different Obgyns, I can honestly say I’m glad I took her advice.  They are extremely professional, well organized, and I’ve never had to wait in the office long before I’m seen by the doctor.  I not only go for my check-ups there, I also went through my entire pregnancy in their care and have not had a bad experience with any of the doctor’s, nurses, or staff.  They have onsite at the East Brunswick office ultrasound service as well as blood work service.

i would recommend to anyone who would like to go to an office where their operation, for me, has been pretty seamless.” — K.C., New Jersey

“I just wanted to give a HUGE thank you to my nurse practitioner Pat and medical assistant Jackie! I had an appointment for an IUD today and I was somewhat nervous about it because I was not sure how I would handle it. Especially with all the horror stories I read about people’s experiences online. It was exactly what she said it would be, a bad period cramp. It was super quick and the cramping was gone in a matter of a minute! Totally worth it and I absolutely love how the staff treats you here! They are super quick so you don’t wait long and my nurse practitioner has inspired me to go be a NP! I LOVE THESE PEOPLE TO DEATH! I can’t believe how good they make you feel when you leave this place. Thank you all!!!!!” — K.C., New Jersey

“I absolutely LOVE this OBGYN office. I prefer their East Brunswick office more than the Hillsborough because of the updated facilities and more things readily available such as lab testing and blood work, as the Hillsborough location is a lot smaller, but this group is a wonderful group! Every doctor I have had the pleasure of meeting was friendly, caring, and actually take time to hear out your concerns. Despite this being a large facility that sees a lot of people, I have never felt rushed or like a burden here. Every staff member is nice and understanding! The office is immaculate, by the way. I have never gotten that scary doctor office feeling here because of how comfortable I am with this place. The most I have waited for my appointment was 10 minutes and that was because I was late. Every time I go, my appointment never lasts more than 30 to 45 minutes and that’s with being heard, understood, and properly treated! I recommend them to anyone!”  — D.R., New Jersey

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